Synthesis of Digital Circuits

Synthesis of Digital Circuits

Course Overview

One of the important aspect of Electronic Design Automation is Logic Synthesis. Synthesis converts HDL code to implementation technology-specific primitives. In this phase, behavioral circuit descriptions are automatically turned into low-level circuit descriptions like gates and netlist using synthesis tools. It automatically manages many details of the design process, which results in less human-related errors, faster implementation cycles and increased productivity. One industry-standard tool for Logic Synthesis is Design Compiler offered by Synopsys and it provides a twofold speedup of the synthesis and physical implementation flow. In this training, the main focus is to use an industry-standard synthesis tool for creating technology-specific gate-level netlists ready for final physical placement. Aside from tool use, emphasis is also placed on properly constraining the design to meet circuit specifications

Course Prerequisites

The trainees for this course are expected to have completed the "Introduction to Hardware Description Language" and "Introduction to RTL Modeling of an I2C Interface" courses offered by PIIC or equivalent course workshop offered by other institutions. The trainees are also expected to know how to use the tools for HDL compilation such as Synopsys VCS.

Lectures Overview

Lecture Topic
1Logic Synthesis
2Libraries and Design Objects
3Loading and Compiling Designs
5Design Environment
7Complex Timing Constraints
8Formal Verification

Laboratory Topic
1Tool Familiarization
2DC Design and Library Objects
3Hierarchical RTL Model Synthesis
4Timing Constraints
5Partitioning between Technologies
7Multi-cycle Paths
8Formal Verification


AM Session: 8am to 12nn
PM Session: 1pm to 4pm
Day AM/PM Lecture Lab
1AMLecture 1Lab 1
PMLecture 2Lab 2
2AMLecture 3Lab 3
PMLecture 4Lab 4
3AMLecture 5Lab 5
PMLecture 6Lab 6
4AMLecture 7Lab 7
PMLecture 8Lab 8


Chris Vincent Densing
University of the Philippines
PIIC Staff
Philippine Institute for Integrated Circuits
Microelectronics and Microprocessors Laboratory
University of the Philippines


  • Chris Vincent Densing, University of the Philippines
  • Alvionne Sebastian-Baquiran, University of the Philippines
  • Percival Forcadilla, University of San Carlos