Introduction to Full Custom Digital IC Design

Introduction to Full Custom Digital IC Design

Course Overview

Digital integrated circuits, specifically the CMOS digital integrated circuits, are one of the core technologies that empowers the information era that allows people to process data, play games, listen to music and take pictures with mobile devices. These circuits are made of smaller gates such as inverters, NANDs, NORs, multiplexers and flipflops, which are also made up of MOS transistors. It is therefore important to understand the fundamentals of these concepts to be able to properly design a complete digital system. As such, this course provides the trainees with background of MOS transistor physics, its operating characteristics, and how it can be used to implement digital building blocks. This will enable the trainees to design and characterize their own basic digital blocks to build more complex circuits.

Course Prerequisites

The trainees for this course are expected to have taken electronics courses covering semiconductor device physics i.e. diodes and bipolar junction transistors. Moreover, the trainees are expected to have strong background on circuit analysis of passive and active devices. A background on linear systems analysis is also required.

Lectures Overview

Lecture Topic
2MOS Transistor
3CMOS Inverter
4MOS Transient Response
5CMOS Inverter Transient
6CMOS Fabrication Process
7Standard Cells
8MOS Capacitances
9Static CMOS Logic
10Elmore Delay
11Inverter Delay Optimization
12Logical Effort

Laboratory Overview

Laboratory Topic
0Linux Environment
1MOS DC Characteristics
2CMOS Inverter DC Analysis
3MOS Effective Switching Resistance
4CMOS Inverter Transient Analysis
5Parasitic Capacitances
6Static CMOS Gates
7Elmore Delay
8Inverter Delay Optimization
9Logical Effort


AM Session: 8am to 12nn
PM Session: 1pm to 4pm
Day AM/PM Lecture Lab
1AMLecture 1
Lecture 2
Lab 0 (optional)
Lab 1
PMLecture 3Lab 2
2AMLecture 4Lab 3
PMLecture 5Lab 4
3AMLecture 6
Lecture 7
PMLecture 8Lab 5
4AMLecture 9Lab 6
PMLecture 10Lab 7
5AMLecture 11Lab 8
PMLecture 12Lab 9


Rico Jossel M. Maestro
University of the Philippines
PIIC Staff
Philippine Institute for Integrated Circuits
Microelectronics and Microprocessors Laboratory
University of the Philippines


  • Marc D. Rosales, University of the Philippines
  • Adelson N. Chua, University of the Philippines
  • Alvionne Sebastian-Baquiran, University of the Philippines
  • John Cris Jardin, University of the Philippines
  • Christian Raymund Roque, Philippine Institute for Integrated Circuits
  • Carlo Capiral, Philippine Institute for Integrated Circuits

Recommended Texts

  • Digital Integrated Circuits: A Design Perspective (2nd Edition) by Jan Rabaey, Anantha Chandrakasan, Borivoje Nikolic