Analog IC Layout Design

Course Overview

Actual devices in integrated circuits are made up of layers with different electrical properties. Once the devices of a circuit are properly sized to meet the specifications, they must be drawn using the layers supported by the manufacturing process. This step in the circuit design, called layout design, uses the electronic design automation (EDA) tools to draw the shapes of the layers of each device which will be used as the “blue print” for fabrication of the actual chip. This course serves as an introduction on Analog IC Layout Design using industry standard EDA tools. At the end of this course, the trainees must be able to draw the layout of a given circuit to meet the required specifications such as area, parasitics, and performance.

Course Prerequisites

The participants of this course are expected to have taken or currently taking undergraduate courses related to the field of electronics or computer engineering. The participants are also expected to have good background on semiconductor theory and electrical circuit analysis.

Lectures Overview

Lecture Topic
1Introduction to Analog IC Layout Design
2Cadence Virtuoso Layout Editor Overview
3Basic Semiconductor Physics
5Bipolar Transistors, Inductor, and Diodes
7MOS Transistors
8Logic Gates
9Layout Design Challenges
10Protection Devices and Special Devices
11Design Techniques and Best Practices
12Euler's Path and Stick Diagram
13Device Placement
14Device Routing
15Circuit Design and Analog Block Layout Design
16Layout Verification


AM Session: 8am to 12nn
PM Session: 1pm to 4pm
Day AM/PM Lecture Quiz Lab
1AMLecture 1
Lecture 2
Quiz 1
Quiz 2
Lab 1 (optional)
Lab 2
PMLecture 3Quiz 3Lab 2
2AMLecture 4Quiz 4Lab 3
PMLecture 5Quiz 5Lab 4
3AMLecture 6Quiz 6Lab 5
PMLecture 7Quiz 7Lab 6
4AMLecture 8Quiz 8Lab 7
PMLecture 9Quiz 9Lab 8
5AMLecture 10Quiz 10Lab 9
PMLecture 11Quiz 11Lab 10
6AMLecture 12Quiz 12Lab 11
PMLecture 13Quiz 13Lab 12
7AMLecture 14Quiz 14Lab 13
PMLecture 15Quiz 15Lab 14
8AMLecture 16Quiz 16Lab 15
PMLayout Project
9AMLayout Project
PMLayout Project
10AMLayout Project
PMLayout Project


Maria Dona S. Cag-ang
Chaim Lodronio
Leocarl Viñalon
Jebien Calapiz
PIIC Staff
Philippine Institute for Integrated Circuits


  • Maria Dona S. Cag-ang

Recommended Texts

  • CMOS Circuit Design Layout and Simulation by Russel Jacob Baker
  • The Art of Analog Layout by Ray Alan Hastings