Feedback Electronic Circuits

Introduction to Analog IC Design

Course Overview

Feedback is essential in every system that is desired to be controlled. It allows the system to interact with the environment, take measurements and make necessary adjustments in its behavior to achieve a target output. In other words, it allows a system to get things in order according to a desired outcome. In electronic circuits, application of feedback gives improved performance, reliability and cost. Being able to apply feedback properly in electronic circuits is an essential skill of a design engineer. This course provides trainees with background in underlying concepts of feedback systems design with emphasis on electronic feedback circuits. This will enable the trainees to analyze and design circuits that employ feedback for control applications.

Course Prerequisites

The trainees for this course are expected to have taken electronics courses on amplifier circuits and linear systems analysis. Moreover, the trainees are expected to have strong background on circuit analysis of passive and active devices including DC and small-signal. It is also expected that the trainees familiar with algebra of complex numbers.

Lectures Overview

Lecture Topic
2System Modelling
3System Response
4First-order and second-order Systems
5Root-Locus Method
6Stability Analysis using Root Locus Method
7Frequency Response Method
9Voltage Regulators
10Compensation of Voltage Regulators
Laboratory Topic
1Tool Introduction
2Block Diagrams
3System Types
4Time-Domain Specifications
6Frequency Response Method
8Voltage Regulator
ProjectCompensation circuit for Linear Voltage Regulators


AM Session: 8am to 12nn
PM Session: 1pm to 4pm
Day AM/PM Lecture Lab
1AMLecture 1
Lecture 2
Lab 1
PMLecture 3Lab 2
2AMLecture 4Lab 3
PMLecture 5Lab 4
3AMLecture 6Lab 5
PMLecture 7Lab 6
4AMLecture 8Lab 7
PMLecture 9Lab 8
5AMLecture 10Project
PMLecture 11Project Checking


Christiensen Arandilla
University of the Philippines
PIIC Staff
Philippine Institute for Integrated Circuits


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Recommended Texts

  • Analysis and Design Analog Integrated Circuits by Paul Gray, Fred Hurst, Stephen Lewis, Robert Meyer